Heart of a Puppy


I've heard of puppy love but mine is worlds above. A puppy at heart and in my head but it doesn't feel it when I get out of bed. My reflection in the mirror fur that's turned white makes me feel like all bark and no bite. Is that really me, the Buckie that everyone sees?

I am eleven years old, smart, wonderful and handsome I am told. I'm still an excitable boy if you share a toy. My fur still stands up just like a pup when I see the mail truck. I like to play and I like to snuggle maybe even cuddle. I like going for a walk and I'm always there when mom wants to talk. Great food is my fave and I get the best because I am so well behaved. Best of all is shopping at the mall. I love getting toys and treats that are fun to eat.  My energy has waned and sometimes I complain but I'm alive and love to thrive.

So I might look old and grey but I was quite the terror in my day. That spark still remains but tempered as only wisdom can bring so I don't get the urge to tear up things. In my heart and mind I am the smartest puppy you will ever find. 

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