Wednesday, August 30, 2017

This was my birthday week! Since my humans are not completely sure which day is my actual birthday it was celebrated the entire week. How lucky for me they didn't have the exact date. It was an interesting week with mom singing happy birthday to me a number of times. Home baked treats, new toys, and lots of love and hugs! What else could a dog want? Well, I am now 12 years old! It seems like yesterday when my pawrents adopted me. It is really hard to believe that I've been with them ten and a half years. I guess time does fly...just like my Frisbees! It certainly is different being older but I am still me and I still have my warrior spirit and love life. I do get tired more easily and sometimes prefer to nap but I still get super excited when there is the smell of pizza in the air or if I am getting special treats. Life is what you make it and how you look at it. We all have the option to focus on what is good or what we don't like. If we can get past the stuff we don't like and focus on the good things that we have now, the things we are grateful for, the good things to come it will impact us in a positive way and make our lives better. Enjoy what or who you have in your life and never take anything or anyone for granted. Make every moment count and enjoy the ride...responsibly! Love, peace and a wish that every dog has a loving home.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

You might say I am not your average dog. I'm sure there are others like me but I am really very unique. Well for starters I am beautiful! Yes even though I am now very old I am still very handsome and have senior Boxer swagger! I am very independent and I don't conform to 'Dog Rules'. What are dog rules you might be wondering? Well, it's not what you think, dog rules are expected behaviors and reactions to certain situations or events by dogs in general. There are some things that I subscribe to like reacting to the smell of a great pizza but for the most part no! I do my own thing and I think for myself. I bend expectations and take things to the next level since I use my imagination. Now that is something that most dogs don't do! I have interactive dialog with the frisbee as I will it to fly. My facial expressions are so telling and expressive so much so that I can convey what I am thinking by just a look. I have the spirit of a warrior and the heart of a puppy. I love life and remain happy even in the face of getting old and some physical issues. You know what they say.... "You just can't keep a good dog down". I am forever grateful to my humans for finding me and my wish that all dogs enjoy their life and have great love. Let's spread the love! Peace.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A walk in a path where the trees are dressed in silver and gold. Shining brightly glittery no mold. Just some residue of morning dew glistening in the distance in the path of least resistance. This is the place where dreams come true and it is so for me and you.  The forest is lit with glittery shimmer and I realize this is reality beyond a glimmer. Tall trees and twisty vines leaves hanging so sublime. 

The tone is happy and free to absorb myself and just be me. No worries not a care I can go deeper if I dare. The more I go in further I let go of all the things that I am supposed to know. Everything is possible here and the possibilities are so near. I embrace the vastness of this place oh so far from the rat race.   I want to capture this but it's only a short time so I'm remembering it in this rhyme. 

A knowing truth though this is a dream because we all know that things aren't always as they seem. 
I awake to my familiar surroundings to find it was only in my mind. I realize it was only in my head as I slowly get out of bed. Now to start my day feeling inspired goes a long way. 

What inspires you??

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Doggy poem for peace

It's spring here in North America and I am so ready as it has been a very long winter. This past winter I enjoyed social media as something to do when it was too cold to be outside. A place where dogs around the world near and far come to gather to show us who they are. 

Worlds away but still so close. Sharing daily musings welcoming us into their house. All animals share here even a mouse.

Witty sayings, fancy clothes, running, playing, jumping and snoozing on the couch are just a few things you might see. Or maybe a doggy barking up a tree?

Maybe a video or two showing off, playing with toys, doing tricks and of course finding big sticks. It's a wonderful thing to see so much love these doggies have like me. 

New puppies oh so cute, senior swagger pups and everyone in between is seen. All have a place and all are welcome regardless of size, shape, age, gender, or country we all love and appreciate one another. 

It's a wonderful time where we can share, care and touch lives of many and have them touch our lives too. No borders or boundaries, no BSL, no judgement, no discrimination, where we are all equal regardless of where we are. 

Imagine a world like that where everyone found love in their heart and would see and accept all dogs (and humans) as the same. That would be a wonderful place indeed where everyone would live in peace. 

With spring in the air and summer around the corner there will be lots to do outside, walks in the park, staying out late after dark, swimming, Frisbee, and playing ball. Shopping at pet shops in the mall. 

All dog deserve love. Let's help spread it.  

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Ziggy's Story Continued

The shelter was moving to a new location and all the animals were crated and to be loaded onto a truck to be transported to the new location. Jimmy a young man that volunteered at the shelter had become very fond of Ziggy and really didn't want to see him get put down. When he placed Ziggy in the crate he didn't close the door tight. We are not sure if he did this on purpose or if it was a mistake but it didn't shut tight and Ziggy knew it straight away. As soon as Jimmy turned his back Ziggy pushed against the lightly closed door and ran as fast as he could as if his life depended on it and it did. He made his way back home and sat on the back porch crying. Timmy's mom heard him and brought Ziggy into the house. Abigail realized how cruel, ignorant, and heartless the BSL restriction was. When her husband came home they decided they were going to for the short term fence in the yard so that Ziggy would be safe. They also decided that they wanted Ziggy to be part of their family and he proved himself to be a loving friend to Timmy. They had a long term plan to sell their home and move to a different town where there were no breed specific laws or restrictions. Two months later they sold their home and moved to a new location where they were able to adopt Ziggy officially and became activists for the cause. Timmy and Ziggy would enjoy walks in the park and playing ball. Ziggy became a loved and treasured part of the family. 

So this is where I met Ziggy at the park and he told me his story. Rescue a dog save a life. End BSL and save lives. Spread the love.  If you enjoyed Ziggy's story please leave a comment. 

Friday, March 10, 2017

Ziggy's Story Continues

Morning soon came and Ziggy was eager to find his way back to his neighborhood. He started out with ambition and soon came upon familiar surroundings. Alas he was back to his "home" and he was so tired that he went into the dog house for a nap. Timmy the boy that lived in the house decided to outside to play in the yard that day as the weather was warming up. He noticed Ziggy in the doghouse. Timmy always wanted a dog but he didn't really know Ziggy so he ran excitedly into his house telling his mom of the dog that is in their yard. Timmy's mom Abigail went outside and looked at Ziggy from a distance. She noticed he did not have a collar. Abigail told Timmy that the dog is a stray and that it needs to be reported to the shelter. Timmy wanted to keep Ziggy even though he didn't really know him. Abigail told Timmy that the dog looks like a Pitbull and they are dangerous dogs. She warned Timmy to stay away from him. Timmy ran to his dad and he went over to Ziggy and petted him. Timmy's dad Brian took a liking to Ziggy and convinced his wife to allow the dog to stay in the yard at least and that they would provide food and water. Brian argued that if they call the shelter the dog will be put down due to BSL laws in that location. The mom agreed but she did not want the dog inside her home as she had a new baby and she still felt that Pitbulls couldn't be trusted. Weeks passed and everyday after school Timmy would look forward to coming home to play with Ziggy. They were best friends. Ziggy was happy too now that he had Timmy and his sadness about his former family was starting to fade. 

One day when Timmy was in school, Ziggy was out taking a walk in the neighborhood. Ziggy didn't know there was a BSL law. He didn't know that he was considered dangerous just because of his breed. He didn't know that some people were afraid of him. Mostly he didn't know if he was picked up by animal control he would be put down for no wrong doing except existing. That dreadful day the animal control was out and they saw Ziggy. They picked him up and treated him like a criminal. He was whisked off to jail. Once there the other dogs told Ziggy that he would be put down soon and they explained why. Ziggy couldn't believe it. He finally found happiness with Timmy and now for no valid reason except for ignorance and fear his life was in danger. Ziggy was so sad. That afternoon when Timmy got home from school he wandered where Ziggy was. He asked his mom but she didn't know. Timmy waited and the next day still no Ziggy. Timmy convinced his parents to look for him and they went to the shelter where they were told that Ziggy was a stray and since Pitbulls are banned that he would be put down. They were not even allowed to adopt him which they were at that point willing to do as Ziggy had grown on the family too. Timmy was heartbroken they told the family that Ziggy was on the list and he had five days left. They were not even allowed to visit him. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Hello Humans Buckie here and I'm sharing a story about my friend Ziggy. This will be posted in parts so each post will be one part and the continuation will be in the next post and so on. After reading this let me know if you think this story is true or fiction! 

My friend Ziggy was abandoned as a young puppy. He roamed the streets and neighborhoods and one day found a dog house that didn't appear it was being used. This dog house was set back from the house in a very large yard with a lot of trees. There was no indication from what Ziggy could tell that there was even a dog that lived in the house. He started to watch on a regular basis and the humans rarely came out to the back yard at all. Ziggy decided to make use of the dog house and felt safe there especially at night. After all he was a small pup, an American Staffordshire Terrier. By day he would have a route where he visited some neighbors that always greeted him and gave him treats and by night he would retreat in his own private yard or so he thought. 

Weeks passed and this really seemed like it was working out for him though he missed his dog mother. He wandered what happened to his family and why was he left behind? What had he done, he thought. He wondered if it was his fault or if he wasn't good enough or worse if they didn't really love him. He decided to try and find them and ventured out beyond the familiarity of his neighborhood. Each day he would venture further away from home base never finding his family. One day he ventured off in the woods and met up with some kids that threw sticks at him. This frightened Ziggy he had very little contact with humans as he was only four months old when his family left him. Ziggy couldn't understand why these kids would try to harm him as he didn't know them. Ziggy didn't realize that they were just trying to play with him so he rushed off in a hurry not paying attention to his surroundings. Ziggy found himself deep in the woods and it was starting to get dark and he was scared. He felt unsure of his bearings and didn't trust himself to sniff his way back home. So he decided to try and find a spot to spend the night and start out in the morning. He looked around but there was no place that was sheltered and it was now starting to rain. Oh what horrible luck he thought as he trudged through the rain. He kept on going until he lost light and settled down near a big rock and covered his head with his paws trying to keep the rain off as much as he could. Curled up cold, wet, and scared Ziggy slowly fell asleep.