Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Hello Humans Buckie here and I'm sharing a story about my friend Ziggy. This will be posted in parts so each post will be one part and the continuation will be in the next post and so on. After reading this let me know if you think this story is true or fiction! 

My friend Ziggy was abandoned as a young puppy. He roamed the streets and neighborhoods and one day found a dog house that didn't appear it was being used. This dog house was set back from the house in a very large yard with a lot of trees. There was no indication from what Ziggy could tell that there was even a dog that lived in the house. He started to watch on a regular basis and the humans rarely came out to the back yard at all. Ziggy decided to make use of the dog house and felt safe there especially at night. After all he was a small pup, an American Staffordshire Terrier. By day he would have a route where he visited some neighbors that always greeted him and gave him treats and by night he would retreat in his own private yard or so he thought. 

Weeks passed and this really seemed like it was working out for him though he missed his dog mother. He wandered what happened to his family and why was he left behind? What had he done, he thought. He wondered if it was his fault or if he wasn't good enough or worse if they didn't really love him. He decided to try and find them and ventured out beyond the familiarity of his neighborhood. Each day he would venture further away from home base never finding his family. One day he ventured off in the woods and met up with some kids that threw sticks at him. This frightened Ziggy he had very little contact with humans as he was only four months old when his family left him. Ziggy couldn't understand why these kids would try to harm him as he didn't know them. Ziggy didn't realize that they were just trying to play with him so he rushed off in a hurry not paying attention to his surroundings. Ziggy found himself deep in the woods and it was starting to get dark and he was scared. He felt unsure of his bearings and didn't trust himself to sniff his way back home. So he decided to try and find a spot to spend the night and start out in the morning. He looked around but there was no place that was sheltered and it was now starting to rain. Oh what horrible luck he thought as he trudged through the rain. He kept on going until he lost light and settled down near a big rock and covered his head with his paws trying to keep the rain off as much as he could. Curled up cold, wet, and scared Ziggy slowly fell asleep. 

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