Friday, March 10, 2017

Ziggy's Story Continues

Morning soon came and Ziggy was eager to find his way back to his neighborhood. He started out with ambition and soon came upon familiar surroundings. Alas he was back to his "home" and he was so tired that he went into the dog house for a nap. Timmy the boy that lived in the house decided to outside to play in the yard that day as the weather was warming up. He noticed Ziggy in the doghouse. Timmy always wanted a dog but he didn't really know Ziggy so he ran excitedly into his house telling his mom of the dog that is in their yard. Timmy's mom Abigail went outside and looked at Ziggy from a distance. She noticed he did not have a collar. Abigail told Timmy that the dog is a stray and that it needs to be reported to the shelter. Timmy wanted to keep Ziggy even though he didn't really know him. Abigail told Timmy that the dog looks like a Pitbull and they are dangerous dogs. She warned Timmy to stay away from him. Timmy ran to his dad and he went over to Ziggy and petted him. Timmy's dad Brian took a liking to Ziggy and convinced his wife to allow the dog to stay in the yard at least and that they would provide food and water. Brian argued that if they call the shelter the dog will be put down due to BSL laws in that location. The mom agreed but she did not want the dog inside her home as she had a new baby and she still felt that Pitbulls couldn't be trusted. Weeks passed and everyday after school Timmy would look forward to coming home to play with Ziggy. They were best friends. Ziggy was happy too now that he had Timmy and his sadness about his former family was starting to fade. 

One day when Timmy was in school, Ziggy was out taking a walk in the neighborhood. Ziggy didn't know there was a BSL law. He didn't know that he was considered dangerous just because of his breed. He didn't know that some people were afraid of him. Mostly he didn't know if he was picked up by animal control he would be put down for no wrong doing except existing. That dreadful day the animal control was out and they saw Ziggy. They picked him up and treated him like a criminal. He was whisked off to jail. Once there the other dogs told Ziggy that he would be put down soon and they explained why. Ziggy couldn't believe it. He finally found happiness with Timmy and now for no valid reason except for ignorance and fear his life was in danger. Ziggy was so sad. That afternoon when Timmy got home from school he wandered where Ziggy was. He asked his mom but she didn't know. Timmy waited and the next day still no Ziggy. Timmy convinced his parents to look for him and they went to the shelter where they were told that Ziggy was a stray and since Pitbulls are banned that he would be put down. They were not even allowed to adopt him which they were at that point willing to do as Ziggy had grown on the family too. Timmy was heartbroken they told the family that Ziggy was on the list and he had five days left. They were not even allowed to visit him. 

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