Thursday, March 23, 2017

Ziggy's Story Continued

The shelter was moving to a new location and all the animals were crated and to be loaded onto a truck to be transported to the new location. Jimmy a young man that volunteered at the shelter had become very fond of Ziggy and really didn't want to see him get put down. When he placed Ziggy in the crate he didn't close the door tight. We are not sure if he did this on purpose or if it was a mistake but it didn't shut tight and Ziggy knew it straight away. As soon as Jimmy turned his back Ziggy pushed against the lightly closed door and ran as fast as he could as if his life depended on it and it did. He made his way back home and sat on the back porch crying. Timmy's mom heard him and brought Ziggy into the house. Abigail realized how cruel, ignorant, and heartless the BSL restriction was. When her husband came home they decided they were going to for the short term fence in the yard so that Ziggy would be safe. They also decided that they wanted Ziggy to be part of their family and he proved himself to be a loving friend to Timmy. They had a long term plan to sell their home and move to a different town where there were no breed specific laws or restrictions. Two months later they sold their home and moved to a new location where they were able to adopt Ziggy officially and became activists for the cause. Timmy and Ziggy would enjoy walks in the park and playing ball. Ziggy became a loved and treasured part of the family. 

So this is where I met Ziggy at the park and he told me his story. Rescue a dog save a life. End BSL and save lives. Spread the love.  If you enjoyed Ziggy's story please leave a comment. 

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