Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Doggy poem for peace

It's spring here in North America and I am so ready as it has been a very long winter. This past winter I enjoyed social media as something to do when it was too cold to be outside. A place where dogs around the world near and far come to gather to show us who they are. 

Worlds away but still so close. Sharing daily musings welcoming us into their house. All animals share here even a mouse.

Witty sayings, fancy clothes, running, playing, jumping and snoozing on the couch are just a few things you might see. Or maybe a doggy barking up a tree?

Maybe a video or two showing off, playing with toys, doing tricks and of course finding big sticks. It's a wonderful thing to see so much love these doggies have like me. 

New puppies oh so cute, senior swagger pups and everyone in between is seen. All have a place and all are welcome regardless of size, shape, age, gender, or country we all love and appreciate one another. 

It's a wonderful time where we can share, care and touch lives of many and have them touch our lives too. No borders or boundaries, no BSL, no judgement, no discrimination, where we are all equal regardless of where we are. 

Imagine a world like that where everyone found love in their heart and would see and accept all dogs (and humans) as the same. That would be a wonderful place indeed where everyone would live in peace. 

With spring in the air and summer around the corner there will be lots to do outside, walks in the park, staying out late after dark, swimming, Frisbee, and playing ball. Shopping at pet shops in the mall. 

All dog deserve love. Let's help spread it.  

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