Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A walk in a path where the trees are dressed in silver and gold. Shining brightly glittery no mold. Just some residue of morning dew glistening in the distance in the path of least resistance. This is the place where dreams come true and it is so for me and you.  The forest is lit with glittery shimmer and I realize this is reality beyond a glimmer. Tall trees and twisty vines leaves hanging so sublime. 

The tone is happy and free to absorb myself and just be me. No worries not a care I can go deeper if I dare. The more I go in further I let go of all the things that I am supposed to know. Everything is possible here and the possibilities are so near. I embrace the vastness of this place oh so far from the rat race.   I want to capture this but it's only a short time so I'm remembering it in this rhyme. 

A knowing truth though this is a dream because we all know that things aren't always as they seem. 
I awake to my familiar surroundings to find it was only in my mind. I realize it was only in my head as I slowly get out of bed. Now to start my day feeling inspired goes a long way. 

What inspires you??

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