Wednesday, June 21, 2017

You might say I am not your average dog. I'm sure there are others like me but I am really very unique. Well for starters I am beautiful! Yes even though I am now very old I am still very handsome and have senior Boxer swagger! I am very independent and I don't conform to 'Dog Rules'. What are dog rules you might be wondering? Well, it's not what you think, dog rules are expected behaviors and reactions to certain situations or events by dogs in general. There are some things that I subscribe to like reacting to the smell of a great pizza but for the most part no! I do my own thing and I think for myself. I bend expectations and take things to the next level since I use my imagination. Now that is something that most dogs don't do! I have interactive dialog with the frisbee as I will it to fly. My facial expressions are so telling and expressive so much so that I can convey what I am thinking by just a look. I have the spirit of a warrior and the heart of a puppy. I love life and remain happy even in the face of getting old and some physical issues. You know what they say.... "You just can't keep a good dog down". I am forever grateful to my humans for finding me and my wish that all dogs enjoy their life and have great love. Let's spread the love! Peace.

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