Wednesday, August 30, 2017

This was my birthday week! Since my humans are not completely sure which day is my actual birthday it was celebrated the entire week. How lucky for me they didn't have the exact date. It was an interesting week with mom singing happy birthday to me a number of times. Home baked treats, new toys, and lots of love and hugs! What else could a dog want? Well, I am now 12 years old! It seems like yesterday when my pawrents adopted me. It is really hard to believe that I've been with them ten and a half years. I guess time does fly...just like my Frisbees! It certainly is different being older but I am still me and I still have my warrior spirit and love life. I do get tired more easily and sometimes prefer to nap but I still get super excited when there is the smell of pizza in the air or if I am getting special treats. Life is what you make it and how you look at it. We all have the option to focus on what is good or what we don't like. If we can get past the stuff we don't like and focus on the good things that we have now, the things we are grateful for, the good things to come it will impact us in a positive way and make our lives better. Enjoy what or who you have in your life and never take anything or anyone for granted. Make every moment count and enjoy the ride...responsibly! Love, peace and a wish that every dog has a loving home.

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