Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Pitbull Dogs Banned?

There is a movement in parts of Canada to ban Pitbull dogs. My first instinct was ban a breed?

If there is a concern about a particular breed being dangerous then we need to look at all the facts, the big picture. How many Pitbull dogs that are trained correctly, that are living with humans, with families, with children that love them and consider them a member of the family have been dangerous? What are the numbers for the innocent Pitbull dogs that have done nothing wrong?

For the incidents where Pitbull dogs were involved how many of those dogs were not trained or trained by humans to be aggressive? How many were off leash due owner’s not taking leash laws seriously? Any dog can bite not just Pitbull dogs, so where do we draw the line?

If an animals life is at risk of being put to death for its only offence of being a certain breed, does that make sense? Where does the profiling stop? This sort of dark ages mentality needs a bright light to shine on it or this can creep to other breeds other animals and who knows maybe even humans if they fit into a “At risk for danger” profile. Have people become so disconnected that murdering innocent animals seems acceptable when these particular animals have done nothing wrong except exist as a certain breed?

All animals are living breathing creatures that feel love, pain, and fear and are not able to defend themselves against the laws which as in this instance have proven ineffective from similar laws past. Are we going backward or avoiding the responsibility where it really should lie with humans? Maybe a viable solution would be mandatory training required prior to ownership or strict leash laws with hefty fines if violated? I think we need to explore all options before mass murder becomes the easy way out. 

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