Wednesday, October 12, 2016

What do you think about BSL?

"Judge me on my actions not those of others. Love me for who I am. Understand me and give me the opportunity, training, and guidance to be a happy member of the family and society. Protect me from situations that put me in harms way. I am not a toy, a play thing or a monster. I am an individual with feelings. I get scared and feel fear, pain and love and can love. If you don't know me please respect my space and always approach any dog that you don't know with prudence". -BB the Staffordshire Terrier.

I think it is good to be aware if you are a dog owner of any breed really, awareness of your dog around people and other dogs is important. Do you have control over your dog? Does your dog listen and obey your commands? How does your dog act in public around other people or dogs? 

I believe that training dogs to be socially acceptable members of society is key. So that they can integrate and interact with others not in an aggressive way. That being said dogs like humans need their space and people need to be aware of that and respect it! Humans shouldn't walk up to a dog they don't know and just pet it or get too close without checking with the dogs owners. A simple, is he/she friendly, can I pet question can save a lot of hassle. Also humans just because your dog might be friendly and want to say hello to people or other dogs while on a walk, for instance, that doesn't mean that all people like dogs, feel comfortable with dogs they don't know approaching them, or that other dogs being walked are dog friendly. You just don't know so keep a friendly distance while passing or ask before approaching. I also think all dogs should be on leash while walking in public. If you know that your dog is aggressive and there is concern, muzzle in public. 

I recall the hot summer day when I was a bit younger, I was sitting in the car with my mom while she was getting gasoline. My window was only open one quarter of the way down and a man we did not know approached me and said what a handsome dog as he put his hand through the window and touched my head. I didn't bark or move, I just sat there proudly as I know that I am awesome. But really, where is the common sense there? Another dog might have been scared by that and reacted. 

Let's use some common sense and be aware!

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