Wednesday, October 19, 2016

It's a dogs life...Really?

I've often heard people say "It's a dogs life" or when people look at me resting and say in a jealous way "Oh what a rough life". What does that mean? Are they inferring that we have charmed lives or are they jealous of me? Well in my opinion, "Its a humans life". I mean humans get all the perks they get to eat unlimited pizza, ice cream and peanut butter whenever they want to.

Now don't get me wrong I have a great life! My humans dote on me and I get special treats like home cooked scrambled eggs, dog cookies, and other goodies as well as my dog food. My life can be fun and exciting or boring depending on what is going on. I love going for a walk, going for rides and swimming. Some days there are the human friends that come over which I am always happy to see. There are times when my canine friends visit and depending on who that is I may or may not be too excited, I have my favorites. There are the daily annoyances like the mail truck stopping by at the same time everyday and despite my voicing my opinion to let him know that I would prefer him not to stop by, he obviously doesn't understand since he keeps coming by.

I have lots of toys and my beloved flying disks but I am secretly jealous of my friend's toy crate. She has all the plushy stuffed animal toys that I would love to get my teeth on. My humans fetch me durable toys that can't be chewed up in one sitting. Now where is the fun in that? I wouldn't mind disposable toys! Now when my brother and I each get a new toy, he always wants mine, even if it is the exact same one. Do you see how stressful that is? Even though I am a dog, I'm very busy and don't always have time for my humans when I am enjoying my bones, watching dog television aka looking out the window, or having quality time with my brother. I like it when my humans are home and and I am the focus of their attention. I wish my humans understood that when I am chilling watching television after a long day or checking my Facebook on my phone, that I can't always give them my undivided attention. They always seem to pick the wrong time to want to hug, cut my nails of course there is never really a good time for that, or ask me to move just when I got comfortable.

So humans enjoy the time you have with your best friend!

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