Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Halloween Dogie Style

Halloween has always been a favorite of mine. I like dog watching oh yeah and human watching too. It is interesting to see everyone dressed up and consuming large quantities of candy. I don't think it is fair really, there should be a holiday for dogs where we get large quantities of treats! Anyway, I get to enjoy and celebrate this holiday and over the years it has changed. There were times I went out with the kids dressed up and trick or treated and some years stayed home. This year I am opting to stay home and help pass out candy. This way everyone that comes to the door can see how awesome I am!

I am going to get dressed up though but I still haven't decided on which costume. I mean there are so many choices! Some dog friendly mega stores or online retailers have many options. There are also  home made costumes that are made with love. You want to be sure that any costume is comfortable and not restricting them in any way so they can't get tied up or choked. So always watch your pet when they are dressed up.

Now for some choices, here are my favorites in order of preference: Skeleton, Super Dog, Pirate, and Alligator. For the ladies, Princess, Witch, and Angel are a few of my faves.  I've even seen matching costume for dogs and their humans. . . now we are talking. I think a Halloween bandanna can work too which is the way I am personally leaning towards. 

Now for treats, Boxer bubble producing treats! My favorite is peanut butter. Here are a few others I found online for Halloween dog treat recipe  which you might want to check out. Setting up your fur baby with their own treat like a Kong toy that can be filled with treats or my favorite peanut butter. Speaking of peanut butter please remember that some dogs are allergic to it, so always consult with your vet. Human candy is not good for dogs. Chocolate can be toxic as well as some other ingredients. So plan ahead for dog safe treats or bake some!  

I am highly evolved as you can see I am writing this article but there are many canines that will get scared by the constant ringing of the doorbell, strange looking humans showing up at the door or spooky sounds. Please consider safety as a first priority and if your fur baby is shy or gets scared easily or if there is any concern keeping him/her away from the activity center would be a good idea. If you are planning to have your dog greet trick or treat people at the door or if you plan have your dog join you trick or treating, keeping them on leash at a safe distance from others may be prudent. Wearing a reflective collar with ID tags is also a good idea in case your pooch accidentally goes outside to assess the neighborhood. There are other potential hazards like plastic bags, candy within dogs reach, candles and decorations.  Please use common sense safety for your dogs.

Grrrr Happy Halloween!

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