Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Do you love your dog?

My humans LOVE me and my brother! I want to share a story and my views on it.

I recently read a post on social media where the human was looking for someone to take her dog. She called her dog difficult, drooling, destroys the house and eats like a horse. The worst part was the negative names she called him. I was really horrified. I hope she does find someone to take her dog as the dog deserves better! Why do people get dogs if they have no heart to give love, patience or compassion for what an animal might have gone through. How selfish some are where they won't share their time to help an animal that has difficulties or issues. 

So no two humans are the same right? Well, in my opinion, no two dogs are the same either. I believe this to be true even if they are the same breed. So just like people have different personalities, some dogs have tendencies to be more shy or high energy, low energy, anxious, dog friendly, people friendly, not friendly, social or not social. Regardless of how they got there whatever the personality it should be respected. I do believe that how they got there is important to understand to an extent to help determine where to go from there. I want to focus on dogs with issues. It seems that people that have dogs with little or no issues don't understand when other dogs do. Training and the humans that interact with the dogs have a huge impact on the dogs behavior but sometimes they come to humans with issues based on their past. 

After all, no one is perfect, right? So why are dogs held to impossible standards. We are not stuffed animals, we are living breathing creatures that need love and understanding too. 

I am a big fan of adopting! I think humans should do some homework to make sure that the breed they are considering is compatible with their lifestyle and energy level. Humans should be sure that they have the ability to care and provide time, love, and patience. Having any dog is a big commitment so a little research will ensure a good match!

Please share and let me know if your dog has had any issues and what solutions have worked for you!

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