Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Stress Free Visits to the Veterinarian

Do you get anxious having to go to the vet? I do sometimes and I know my humans do too!
Does your dog have behavioral issues with other dogs in the reception area?

Today I had a visit to my vet and wanted to share my experience and thoughts. 
I am so lucky to have such a wonderful place to go for great healthcare!!
I walked in and there were a lot of dogs and people in the waiting room.
There were two little girls that approached me and asked my human if they could pet me. Of course they did and I gave them a big smile:) There were two dogs talking to each other at first, then it escalated and the humans thought they were arguing but I know they were just anxious. A nice lady, I think she was a vet tech, told me that I am a celebrity, which I know I am, but it was nice to hear it. She took my picture and put it on the wall of fame. Wow what a deal, where else can you go and get this kind of treatment? I had my exam with a very nice doctor and my human was with me the entire time. 

Now not everyone is as lucky as me! There are clinics that don't make their clients feel so warm and welcome as mine does. Also there are clinics where they don't allow the humans in the exam room. Or the tech leashes the dog and escorts him in the back and after a while the humans are called in. For some this is terrifying. I hope that all dogs that need medical attention get the benefit of a warm welcoming environment that is sensitive to the clients needs in the reception area and in the exam room to reduce anxiety and fear for both pets and their humans. If technicians recognize anxiety and fear they can help reduce it.

My thoughts on reducing stress during a vet visit would be for humans to be organized. Plan ahead, if there are any known issues or behavioral concerns call ahead and ask if your pet can go directly to the exam room. Also, if there is another entrance away from other patients. Be on time if you have a scheduled appointment. Bring a simple toy and treat (if appropriate) to distract an anxious animal. Have all your questions ready for the doctor. 

Please share your thoughts or experiences. 

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