Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Who or what are you grateful for?

Thanksgiving a time to gather with friends and family and reflect what we are grateful for. I launched a gratitude challenge on Instagram this past week and each day I posted one thing that I was grateful for. At first, I thought it would be challenging and that I wouldn't have enough things to post for each day but to my surprise not only did I have enough but more than I needed. This made me realize that we are all busy, distracted and caught up in stuff that in five years won't be important. In the process we might miss the moment now to see what really is important, who we really appreciate and who appreciates us. Too often we are trying to please others for various reasons. For superficial personal or professional gains, when our true heart strings take the back burner, taken for granted, that they will always be there or there will be time later. Too often later doesn't come. This holiday season I'm trying to focus on those in my life, human and canine, that are important to me, that I am thankful for and that I love. I want to take time to remember to show them how much they mean to me in small ways everyday.
On another note, in addition to focusing on what I am grateful for, I would like to think of others that are not as fortunate and help more.  I am helping local shelters for dogs in need, that don't have homes, family or friends. Every small action adds up and if we all share we can do amazing things. My golden rule for dogs, well really for everyone, is treat them they way you would like to be treated! I'm grateful for what I do have and want to be the best version of myself moving forward.

Things I am grateful for: The good times, Love, Friends and Family, All the toys, A wonderful life.
Happy Thanksgiving!!
Woof Woof

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