Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A look into one dogs story on death row

I had a ruff day yesterday. There was a baby girl in trouble and for a time there I thought she was going to be put down. I don't know this girl she is a three year old Boxer that was in a kill shelter and deemed aggressive so only a rescue could release her not a private person. I contacted the shelter yesterday and I was told that she was on the euthanasia list and that unless a rescue came forward she most likely would be put down. Now I don't know this dog and it may seem crazy but I fell in love with her picture. Well, actually she really does look a lot like me when I was her age. I wished that I could fly out to California, where she was located, and pick her up. Obviously that wasn't an option. There was a feeling of helplessness and frustration. I realize that there are a lot of dogs in need and in reality I can't save them all, though I'd like to. 

Outside of extreme cases where a dog is seriously dangerous labeling or deeming a dog aggressive is left up to interpretation. Was the dog just scared, anxious, or in unfamiliar surroundings? Has he been mistreated and seems aggressive? Or is the dog really aggressive? Why? What happened? Can the dog be rehabbed?  There are very few agencies that work specifically with dogs that are hard to place. Where they can get the proper training and guidance and hopefully be able to be integrated in forever homes. I wish that state funded shelters were better funded and not just focus on animal control but to have staff trained to work with difficult and behavioral issues, for example, to have rehab programs available, long term care options and aggressive campaigns for adoptions. I watched something on the Pitbull dogs that were used in dog fighting and how they were rescued, rehabbed and some integrated back into society in forever homes and done very well. It is my belief that the issues these dogs have, in most cases, are due to the humans in those dogs lives.

I can only imagine the emotions that this sweet girl experienced and others like her that are dumped off at kill shelters and forgotten. Being taken away from familiar surroundings and the humans and other animals that they once knew and placed in a cold cage. Being scared, anxious, and wanting to be anywhere but there but held to some testing standards, at the worst time, that will determine their future. There are so many dogs in need for a variety of reasons and some in very bad situations. Maybe there should be a process for obtaining a dog and surrendering one? 

Well the saga for this special girl ended well. At the 11th hour a rescue group released her. I was ecstatic!

Humans! Dogs need training, guidance, love, and your time. It's hard to imagine that your fur baby would ever be in a situation where they end up in a shelter or heaven forbid a kill shelter. Things happen in life and sometimes beyond our control, people get sick, pass on, or other unforeseeable things can happen and land your baby in a very bad situation. So the more socially adjusted your fur baby is the better the chance of being okay in bad circumstances.

I am grateful for those that do great work everyday in every capacity to help, advocate, share and care for the animals.   

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