Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Boxer Knows Best

Boxers knows best a dog hair above the rest. 

A Boxer will play and wear you out all day. 

There are no limits to catching a Frisbee high in the air so effortlessly without a care but try to take it if you dare. 

24/7 ready to eat and it doesn't matter if it's dog food or a treat. Always happy either way and loves each and every day. 

Head to tail proud and tall. Never too big and never too small.

Lots of energy for all to see especially when jumping as high as a tree. 

Long stories are told with expressive looks that never get old.

Going for walks in the city or the park proudly greeting everyone without a bark. 

Lazy times on the couch vying for the best seat in the house. Sometimes snug as a bug curled up on the rug. And after a long day of play we always get our way. Cozy and wrapped tight under the blankets in mom's bed for the night. 

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