Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Greetings humans! I want to reveal a secret... I love all animals. I know this may seem strange since I am a dog you might think that I only love dogs or even still just Boxers. The truth is that all animals are special to me.

Animals are not here for humans to abuse, exploit, be cruel to, neglect, or torture. They are living creatures that have a right to their life and not to be harmed.  I feel that anyone that is cruel or abuses animals does so based on ignorance. There is nothing smart, brave, or commendable by hurting innocent, helpless animals. In fact, anyone that does so, in my opinion, is a coward. There needs to be awareness, education and compassion for all living things. No one has the right to torture animals and think that is okay or be proud of it. These people need to be held accountable for their actions as this is not something to be overlooked lightly. There was a recent FB post where two cowards tortured a dog. I don't think they would have such a smug look on their face if they were held down and tortured! They should be held responsible for their actions. Unfortunately the reality is most likely that they will get away with it and continue to harm animals despite attempts for calls of action. 

I believe that awareness, compassion, education will go a long way in moving us in the right direction to respect all living things. 

Peace, love and compassion!

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