Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Dogs around the world have upgraded their status. Dogs today wear a variety of apparel such as tee shirts, vests, hoodies, coats, costumes, bandannas, and a variety of other articles. Dogs also have social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest as well as well you know dog blogs. Dogs now have more choices for everything from dog bowls, dog beds, vitamins, toys, shampoos, specialty dog food, grain free dog food, all natural dog food, and a myriad of other choices including specialty treats. This is all in addition to the "standard" choices for food and treats that have been available for a very long time. Pet physiologists, state of the art medical treatments, pet photographers, pet resorts and spas, grooming salons, social meet up groups for dogs, dog beaches and dog parks are just a few things that were not available in the not too distant past. 

Today's modern dog surely lives a different life than that of its predecessors. Additionally, dogs are viewed with more clout than being just dogs they are given deference as to their feelings, their ability to feel, and for some almost on par with humans. Some dogs sleep in bed with their humans, under the covers. Some have special carriers much like those for human babies. And others still get "walked in baby strollers".

What is next? How about specialty dog drinks? I mean why should dogs drink plain old water anymore when they have seemingly evolved in every other area? How about designer dog clothes for the elite pet? Or maybe pet vacations where dogs can go for a few days or a week to "get away" from home life. I'm not sure what the next evolution will be in this arena but I do know that as far as we have come we have a long way to go. There is still prejudice and judgment against certain breeds, for example BSL. Another area we need to evolve in is to not see kill shelters as acceptable. There needs to be a shift in finding that as an acceptable solution. Discrimination against certain breeds being able to live in various types of housing issues lands a lot of innocent dogs to their deaths. Awareness, sharing and caring will take us one step closer in the right direction. Lets keep moving forward to help save the lives of innocent animals. 

"All dogs living in a world where they are treated fairly with love" - Buckie the Boxer

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