Wednesday, January 4, 2017

My wish is that 2017 moving forward brings everyone the best health, love and joy.

I certainly hope that 2017 is a good year! There seems to be a lot of dog pawrents posting on social media where they have lost their dogs to cancer. This can be devastating since a lot of human/canine bonds are as strong as human/human bonds. Dogs are not just pets they are family members. Dogs touch our hearts forever and change our lives. I am a survivor and I HATE cancer! I hate the word and I really don't even like writing about it. I am sharing this because despite the myriad of stores we see on a daily basis where dogs, especially Boxers (since they are so prone to it), are losing the battle to this disease there is one story that stands out. There is a human/boxer social media account that I follow. The dog was older and he was under treatment and  they shared on a regular basis including the other dog that lived with the family. I would enjoy seeing their posts. It renewed a sense of hope seeing him since even though he was sick he acted and seemed just fine. If for only a media moment one could pretend that it was fine and that everything would turn out like the ending of a good movie where the good guy wins. That wasn't the case as he recently lost the battle. I felt some kind of connection with him and the news of his passing saddened me. I felt it as if I knew him personally, even though we never met. This news made me reflect on my own mortality as I am obviously up there in age and with a history of this disease.

When in the mindset of this disease nothing seems sacred or off limits. This disease intrudes on peoples or dogs lives and interrupts normalcy. Patients are treated as the "sick" and friends and family see them in that light. That is the reality but it doesn't help the patient mindset, remember the placebo effect? Friends and family members are also impacted in several ways and most definitely emotionally. Why can't we shift how we look at this disease for both dogs and people. It seems like it's so common that people/dogs are just another number, just another statistic, just another patient. What about a fusion of conventional treatment options mixed with alternative therapies? I know there are some places that offer this in various locations but it is not mainstream. Why not provide all the options available? I mean patients don't always beat it after conventional treatments so why not offer many options and have them work in a synergistic way. The bottom line in my opinion is quality of life. No one wants to be in and out of the hospital or doctors office with a variety of issues that crop up from the treatments. Everyone should be considered as an individual and there should be thought regarding the individual and the best treatment options for that person/dog. 

My wish is that 2017 moving forward brings everyone the best health, love and joy.

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